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Our History

TLDR? Chaos Crew is a success because we care about our players!

The Beginings

Our history starts off in 2006 with our ex-owner Bloodshot, whose mission was to make the best roleplay server as possible. It started off with the first three founders, Bloodshot, Randomman, and Darkstarr (Tyler). Chaos Crew Roleplay accomplished their goal by ranking #1 a few times on GameTracker.com for both Roleplay and Cheat/Build Servers; With this being said, the admin groups became organized, and a steady player base came through. Eventually and unfortunately, Bloodshot resigned his position as Owner and passed down the only remaining server to Punisher.

Punisher's Success

It kept us thinking what made Punisher so successful. After Bloodshot passed the HL2:DM Roleplay server to him, he began with nothing. November/December of 2012 and with nothing, Punisher had spotted a single player on his server. The number on his server went from 2, to 8, to 16, to 32/32 players. With his devotion and dedication, Punisher proved his "loyalty" to Chaos Crew. Punisher had earned the role as owner of Chaos Crew, and eventually met up with four people: Tyler, Kyle, Rakkdur, and Gizmo. Perhaps the most organized Chaos Crew has ever been, Rakkdur established a website and forums, blessing Chaos Crew with a boost of the community's confidence. Chaos Crew accomplished it's dream once and for all, but not forever. Eventually, being betrayed by Tyler and Kyle twice, Punisher managed to still maintain his successful community, who remained active and free. "Start small, and take baby steps, one player will lead to another. Just give us a chance, invite your friends, and enjoy the game!" - Punisher

Sceebo's Chaos Crew

Tired out from all the mishap that happened over Summer 2013, Punisher's side of the community finally defeated their antagonizers; However, Punisher became tired and busy, and felt like Chaos Crew was damaging his life - Punisher decided to hand the server over to his most trusted - Lamp, Warhouse, and Sceebo. Let's just make this quick, Warhouse vanished the fuck out of nowhere, same with Lamp. This left Sceebo all alone by himself. After asking someone with server experience to help start Chaos Crew again, Sceebo and MyBack successfully restarted the community. Chaos Crew once again gained positive vibe and remained popular once again. Sceebo maintained a strong server until life interened, got busy, and had interest in another game.

Summer 2014

Chaos Crew didn't end when Sceebo did. Eager to start up Chaos Crew again, Punisher required a server manager, without Rakkdur, Kyle, and Tyler to guide his technical side, Punisher felt blinded and lost. Somehow and somewhere, a familiar face we know as MyBack decided to help Punisher and guide him through into creating a server again. After teasing the newly proned community with Chaos Crew, they vanished until May. In May and beyond, Punisher and MyBack revived Chaos Crew and brought a whole ton of new features into gameplay, and re-introduced the website. From May all the way to September 2014, Chaos Crew once again maintained a strong vibe in HL2:DM. However, things did not stay serene forever, as Punisher was just employed to two different jobs, and school swifted into his and MyBack's lives, became too busy to even attempt to maintain Chaos Crew again. This great arc of Chaos Crew had ended.


That's what brings to where we are today. The Chaos Crew Community will continue to carry on and hopefully grow into the strong successful community we have set out to be. But our main thanks goes out to all of our players and donors for sticking by our side throughout the years.



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